What Nurses Think of FITLEGS Compression Socks? | Nurses' Reviews from UK

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In the month of May and June, FITLEGS (UK) hosted a few giveaways in honour of National Nurse Day. Over 40 samples were sent out to all the winners of the giveaway and after a couple of weeks, I wanted to ask their honest opinion about our Fitlegs compression socks so I could share them with you today.



Milly, NHS Staff, – “I wore them for a night shift last night. Despite being warm my feet and ankles weren’t throbbing halfway through the shift like they normally do. I also found my normally twitchy legs less twitchy when I got home this morning, which makes resting so much easier! They’re an amazing win for me so I can’t thank you enough 🙌🏼”

Liz, Student Paramedic, – “I love them, they’re perfect for long shifts, my legs and feet feel great when I get home!!”



Alana, Nurse, – “Back in May 2021, I was lucky enough to be one of the 30 people chosen to win a free giveaway by @fitlegseverydaylife and @nhsmillion that wanted to celebrate #nationalnurseday and give back to the NHS 💙 I just wanted to say thank you again ☺️ and say how comfortable these socks 🧦 actually are, even in this heatwave ☀️ we’ve been having recently. If anyone is looking at getting some compression socks to help with tired legs, whether you are a runner or just on your feet for long periods of time, I highly recommend 🙌”



Katie, Nurse, – “I love them so much! They work wonders!”

Collen, Nurse, – “I’ve managed to use them once on shift my feet felt so much better. I normally feel like I can barely walk after a shift but there was no pain at all wearing the compression socks. I will definitely be investing in some more when I get paid.”

Sarah, Children’s Nurse, – “Socks arrived! Looking forward to not having sausage toes tonight”

Adina, Nurse, – “They are so comfy”

Sharayah, Nurse, – “I have been wearing them and loving them”

Megan, NHS Staff, – “I absolutely love them and will be buying some more for sure!”

These are some of the many reviews we have received from our giveaway winners, and we want to welcome many more from anyone who tries our product. We truly believe in our mission which is to help people relieve themselves from achy and sore feet every day.

Healing From Home is also giving out 9 pairs of compression socks in the ongoing #HFHNursesDayContest2021, click HERE to find contest details! Ending on the end of August 2021.