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Find out the science behind the different types of anti-decubitus seat cushions and how it helps to prevent pressure ulcer and improve sitting posture.

Did you know about pressure ulcer?

Pressure ulcers are skin breakdowns caused primarily by excessive applied pressure. Heat, moisture, friction, poor nutrition, vascular problems, and inability of a person to move are also contributing factors to this, among many others.

Presence of these ulcers already has a significant negative impact on an individual and failure to provide protection to the skin for these not to occur, imposes more complications and risks. Prevention of pressure ulcers is a vital measure, and this include proper hygiene, pressure relief, proper skin inspection, and provision of appropriate seats.

How Does Anti-Decubitus Seat Cushion helps in preventing pressure ulcer?

For seating surfaces or seat cushions, they are chosen based on the medium and properties of the materials used in their construction: foam, air, gel, or combination types. They vary in efficacy based on pressure distribution, provision of stability, ability to insulate, or conduct heat, and the reliability of their performance over time.

Seat cushions are preferably prescribed and designed specific to the medical and functional needs of an individual and should promote improved positioning, pressure relief, and comfort. Check out the types of seat cushion below.

Special Care for Pressure Injury 1 Air Seat Cushion

Promo price: $200 (U.P. $250)
Clearview’s CushionAir-PVC delivers a high level of skin protection and stability supply a proper amount of postural support, 2 Way stretchable cover enables to cushion’s cells to the individual’s body shape without diminishing product effectiveness or therapeutic value. Dual compartments help correct any pelvic imbalance to provide greater stability and comfort.

Special Care for Pressure Injury 2 Air Seat Cushion Single & Duo Inlet (with Tooth)

Promo price: $200 - $224 (U.P. $250 - $280)
CushionAir T4 provides pressure relief needed and adjust to a user’s body movement. Various sizes of cushions include 8 cm height offers the best option to the user.

Intermediate Care for Pressure Injury 3 Air & Gel Seat Cushion

Promo price: $184 (U.P. $230)
Unique combination of Air Cell & Gel technology effectively provides pressure relief and comfort to the high risk user. Interconnected air cells make high pressure relief and gel inside of cell supplies better comforts and helps maintain body temperature better than air alone.

Not sure which suits you?

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Is there warranty?

Yes, there is a 1-year product warranty. You may visit to find out the full details.

Is it suitable for normal users?

Yes, pressure relief seat cushion can be use by any users.

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