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How Myovolt Technology Works

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Agile Acceleration

Boost Warm-Up
Using Myovolt to warm-up before exercise or training boosts muscle power off-the-mark by increasing blood flow to the muscles. Stimulate circulation to pre-warm muscles, unlock any stiffness or tightness and reduce the risk of injury.

Increase Flexibility
Myovolt can increase flexibility and range of motion after just 10 minutes of use. Massaging the tissues to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, removing lactic acid or metabolic waste faster results in easier freedom of movement.

Go Further

Reduce Soreness
Using Myovolt (for 10 minutes) quickly reduces muscle and joint soreness and can be used as a regular tool to relieve discomfort. Myovolt relaxes the tissues after hard exercise or muscle stress helping to prevent pain and stiffness developing.

Recover Faster
Using Myovolt after muscle stress from hard exercise or training can speed up recovery. Recovery times can be shortened with a quicker return of flexibility and range of motion together with a reduction in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

What They Like About Myovolt


“Myovolt helps me recover better, avoid injury & be more consistent in my training - this adds up across Ironman events.”
Mike Phillips

Pro Ironman and Triathlete


“Myovolt is great because not only can I use it while resting on the couch, but I can also leave it on while doing other things.”
Dr Hannah Wells

Pro Ironman, Triathlete & Marathon Runner


“My clients love Myovolt because it is simple and easy. They are able to feel it working on their muscles and joints.”
Luke Taylor

Sports Conditioning & Recovery Specialist


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How does Myovolt works?
Myovolt is a soft wearable electronic device with embedded actuators that generate physical vibration energy which is transmitted into muscles and soft tissues when worn against the body. Myovolt applies an established physiotherapy treatment of Localized Vibration Therapy by delivering this in a unique wearable format that is comfortable, lightweight and easy to use on any part of the body.
What is Myovolt used for?
Myovolt is used to remove stiffness, soreness and increase circulation in muscles or joints. This could be as part of a warm-up or recovery program for sports and fitness improvement. More generally it can be used for the massage of tired or sore muscles, for movement enhancement and to improve flexibility of joints.
What are the benefits of using Myovolt?
Myovolt is a muscle stimulation device and it works like a sports massage giving similar benefits. It can be used on sore and tired muscles to remove stiffness, loosen up, improve circulation, flexibility and give myofascial release.
Use as a warm-up tool before exercise or training to improve circulation and get muscles primed for action, helping to reduce the risk of injury. For recovery after training it's also a really easy and convenient way to help reduce soreness in overworked muscles, minimize DOMS and get you back to form quicker.
Should I use Myovolt if I have a medical condition?
We do not recommend the use of Myovolt by anyone who has an acute injury or has had prior surgery unless a doctor, specialist or physiotherapist has been consulted first. In some cases Myovolt can be useful as part of a wider treatment plan for a muscle/joint injury but it will depend on the specific advice given by your healthcare professional.
Can I wear the device whilst exercising or moving?
Yes. Myovolt is designed to wrap around the body and does not impede your movement. So you can get your vibration treatment on-the-go and keep moving around freely.
What is focal vibration
Focal Vibration is the treatment of applying 30–120Hz vibration to the body surface resulting in a wide range of physiological benefits. Myovolt technology is engineered to apply FV on all parts of the body.
How does Myovolt differ from TENS or EMS?
TENS and EMS treatments apply an electrical current via electrodes that must be placed in direct contact with the skin to stimulate nerves. Some people find the sensation uncomfortable. Myovolt uses a specific range of vibration frequencies that physically massage and stretch muscles fibres and stimulate nerves which results in increased blood flow, soreness relief, increase muscle flexibility and other effects. Myovolt is comfortable to use and does not require direct contact with the skin to work so it can be worn over clothing.
How does Myovolt differ from percussion guns?
Myovolt delivers Focal Vibration with a frequency range between 30–120 Hz and at an amplitude of 1–2mm. This range of frequencies is scientifically proven to stimulate soft tissues and nerves for treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal and functional mobility conditions among others. Percussion technology uses the repetitive mechanical force of a gun or other impacting device typically working at an amplitude of 16mm. The lower amplitude of Myovolt means it's more comfortable to use and won't risk muscle damage. Myovolt also has a wider range of functional benefits for both recovery and mobility improvement.
Should I use Myovolt if I have an injury?
We do not recommend the use of Myovolt by anyone who has an acute injury or has had prior surgery unless a doctor, specialist or physiotherapist has been consulted first. In some cases Myovolt can be useful as part of a wider treatment plan for a muscle/joint injury but it will depend on the specific advice given by your healthcare professional.
Who can use it?
Myovolt can be used by anyone who needs a bit of help to keep on top of their sports and fitness routine. For those who have soreness and stiffness in their muscles from the exertions of daily life it's a simple, effective and drug free way to relax any tightness and tension.


How do I use Myovolt?
Here's our quick start guide to using Myovolt: Charge the Module prior to use, the LED on the control switch is green when fully charged. Once charged press and hold the control switch on the module for 2 seconds to turn on. To change the treatment mode, a short press of the control switch will change the mode. The module will deliver a 10 minute treatment and then automatically switch off. If you want to use the module again after a completed treatment cycle press and hold the control switch for 2 seconds to start the module. If you wish to turn the module off during a treatment cycle, press and hold the control switch until the module stops vibrating.
What treatment programs should I use?
Myovolt has three software controlled programs designed by our treatment professionals which vary in their combination of vibration frequency and intensity. Mode 1) Increase circulation Mode 2) Soreness and stiffness relief Mode 3) Warming up muscles & increasing flexibility These are just guides and you can select the one that works best for you.
How long do I use Myovolt?
We recommend you start to use your Myovolt product for its programmed length of 10 minutes. Our clinical research on the Myovolt device bases its findings on a minimum treatment time of 10 minutes for soreness and stiffness relief. The module is programmed to automatically switch off after the 10 minute cycle is finished but you can easily reactivate the module to extend your treatment.
Do I wear Myovolt over or under clothes?
Myovolt uses physical vibration which is transmitted into the body when the device is worn and tensioned securely. It does not require skin contact to work so you can apply Myovolt straps over the top of sportswear and thin clothing or you can wear it comfortably next to your skin too.
Is Myovolt washable?
The Myovolt Vibration Module is an electronic device that is not designed to be washed. The Module is not waterproof and must not be used if it becomes wet. The Myovolt Wrap is a textile garment, once the Myovolt Module is removed the wrap can be machine washed on a gentle cycle at 40°C, or hand washed. Line dry. The Myovolt Module can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Take care not to get any moisture into the USB charging port area..
How long does the battery last?
When fully charged the battery should last for around 8 to 10 treatment cycles depending on the Mode selected. Each treatment cycle is 10 minutes in length and then the Myovolt Module will automatically switch off. There is a battery indicator that shows the level of charge remaining. A quick press of the LED switch will show the status of the battery as follows Red - there is less than 30% power remaining and the module needs to be charged. Orange - there is between 30–70% power remaining. Green - there is 70–100% power remaining.
How do I recharge the battery?
The Myovolt Module is easily recharged using the micro USB cable supplied with the product. You can connect the cable into the charging port whilst the Module remains in the wrap, there is no need to remove the Module from the wrap to charge it. When charging the Module the LED indicator will show a RED light. Once the battery is fully charged the LED indicator will change to GREEN. The charging time from empty to full is approximately 3 hours.
What is the warranty policy?
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