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The new CuroCell IQ features simplicity at its best. The system identifies the user and automatically adapts itself to the individual, thereby allowing better care for the patient as well as an easier workload for caregivers. This makes CuroCell IQ an excellent investment for care units around the world.

The CuroCell IQ range identifies the user and automatically adapts itself to the individual, while effectively aiding in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries up to and including category 4, and unclassified pressure ulcers.



  • Increased comfort

    The CuroCell IQ control unit is pre-set to our newly developed Pulsating mode, which offers a documented high level of comfort and effective pressure relief. Sleep, in combination with a calm and quiet environment, are key factors in recovery and increased well-being. This is why CuroCell IQ is developed to offer extremely low noise- and vibration levels. The function Air Flow Control allows the mattress to reuse the air inside it. The feature provides a constant temperature in the mattress as well as quiet, calm and stable airflows.

  • Reliable solution

    With the CuroCell® IQ, Care of Sweden offers a truly automatic system and a new level of safety and efficiency. The control unit is equipped with active sensors, prepared to continuously react to body position changes, without the need for any manual settings or adjustments. Always offering an effective solution for each individual in every situation, the CuroCell IQ means less handling for staff and increased safety for users. This is what we mean by Individualised care.

  • Clinical Studies prove the benefits of Pulsating mode

    Care of Sweden has made the CuroCell® IQ our most intelligent, yet simplest control unit so far. Pulsating mode is the only featured program, making it easier than ever to individualize effective care. The clinical results of our Pulsating mode have been proven in two different studies, both showing it to be superior to the traditional alternating modes. The Pulsating mode provides fewer differences between the inflated and deflated mattress cells, in order to give the user a safe, highly comfortable, and calm experience on the mattress.

  • Optimum choice for even blood flow in user tissue

    One of the studies shows that Pulsating mode, with its gentle air flows, increases comfort and assures an even blood flow in the user’s tissues. The pulsating mode also offers the user less awareness of the support surface’s movements and is more adaptable to mimic the natural movements of the body, compared to a traditional alternating mode.

  • Effective for both prevention and treatment

    A second study confirms that the cumulative pressure ulcer incidence associated with the use of Pulsating mode was as low as 2.5%. The results indicated that the existing pressure ulcers category III or IV did not worsen and also healed while using a fully automated pulsating support system. Overall, participants’ comfort while using the Pulsating mode was rated very good to excellent by both users and caregivers.

  • Flexibility and innovation, in your care

    CuroCell® IQ offers a complete solution for users, caregivers and care units, including values beyond product features. In the struggle to eliminate pressure ulcers, intelligent medical devices will be needed, along with specialized services to complete the picture. With CuroCell® IQ we can offer simple and effective handling in combination with reduced logistics- and distribution costs.

    In our development of innovative pressure relieving mattresses, we find that no user is the other alike, and the needs look different. To make this situation effectively, we have developed the CuroCell® IQ to be compatible with five different mattresses. This makes it possible for care units to invest in a range of mattresses, all compatible with the same control unit.



  • Dimensions: 90(L) cm x200(B) cm x16(H) cm
  • Replacement up to 200kg


  • CAS QS160-90200



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