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Fusion Mattress/ Fusion Hybrid System
Fusion Mattress/ Fusion Hybrid System
Fusion Mattress/ Fusion Hybrid System
Fusion Mattress/ Fusion Hybrid System
Fusion Mattress/ Fusion Hybrid System
Fusion Mattress/ Fusion Hybrid System

Fusion Mattress/ Fusion Hybrid System

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Hybrid mattresses combine both foam and air into a single support surface and their use in clinical practice is increasingly popular. Powered hybrids provide either a reactive (static) surface without the pump (Model: TAL 990150309) or an active (alternating) surface when using the pump (Model: TAL 990120367).

Medical wards and dedicated assessment units/wards are clinically demanding areas, often with a high patient turnover, and using powered hybrids in these settings can provide a potential practical advantage for both staff and patients.

For the model with pump, TAL 990120367, allows users to switch from a reactive to an active support surface (or vice-versa) offers a practical time-saving solution for staff by allowing them to immediately step patients up or down in accordance with their changing clinical needs. This can increase efficiency and release time for more patient-related care activities. Similarly, for suitable patients, a powered hybrid mattress can give them instant access to an appropriate support surface whilst minimizing any disruption as they do not have to change beds or mattresses.

The joint aims of this evaluation were:

1. For patients to remain free from any new pressure related tissue damage

2. To capture user acceptance of the new mattress

3. To identify any efficiency gains offered by a powered hybrid mattress



Reactive or Active Therapy (for model with pump)

Every air cell contains specialist pressure redistributing foam. In the non-powered state, this provides a reactive, constant low-pressure support surface for basic pressure area care needs. Once connected to the power unit, the same air cells operate as an active therapy surface providing an 8 minute, 1-in-2 cell cycle which offers regular pressure redistribution for patients at an elevated risk of pressure ulcers.

Zoned Mattress (for both model)

The FUSION Hybrid support surface is designed to provide specific support to different parts of the body, with specific head, torso, and heel zones. The cells in the heel zone are intentionally smaller to help protect this vulnerable area of the patient.


Customers' Reviews

Patient feedback on the FUSION Hybrid included:

  • All patients reported the Hybrid as comfortable, safe, and stable with no noise.
  • 91% found it ‘comfortable’ or ‘very comfortable’ and had ‘good’ or
  • ‘very good’ sleep quality on the system. 

Staff feedback on the FUSION Hybrid included:

  • Easy to set up and use, quiet in operation, and comfortable for the patient. 
  • The ability to switch from a static to an active mattress was very helpful.
  • Easy to use, safe and reliable


For Fusion Hybrid System - TAL 990120367 (with pump)

  • Pump width: 335mm 
  • Pump height: 233mm
  • Pump depth: 165mm
  • Pump weight: 3.4Kg
  • Mode of operation: Reactive static foam / Active 1-in-2 cell cycle
  • Alternating Cycle Time: 8 mins

For Both Models

  • Mattress Length*: 1970 mm
  • Mattress Width*: 880 mm Mattress Depth * : 170 mm
  • Mattress Weight*: 11.9 kg Mattress
  • Inner Construction Materials: PU air cells encasing high-performance foam inner cells, high-performance foam head section insert
  • Mattress Cover material: PU coated stretch nylon
  • Number of Cells: 8 torso cells + 8 heel zone cells with cut foam head section insert
  • Max. user weight guide: Max. 250 kg (39 stone) FUSION HYBRID™ *

    *UK standard size - approx. max top surface, inflated +/- 15mm 



  • Fusion Hybrid System - TAL 990122367 (with pump)

  • Fusion Mattress - TAL 990150309 (without pump)


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