Indoor Ramp (Mini)
Indoor Ramp (Mini)
Indoor Ramp (Mini)
Indoor Ramp (Mini)
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Indoor Ramp (Mini)

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The newly developed DUNLOP Mini threshold ramp with its superb performance for stability and maintenance helps you to get rid of the inconvenience caused by steps. You can use both indoors and outdoors to fit your needs. A wide range of sizes is available from 1cm to 6cm in height to create a barrier-free environment.


  • Safe: Gentle slope and a non-slip surface keep you safe when using it.
  • Durable: Strong scratch resistance and excellent weather resistance make it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Clean: Effortless to keep the product clean as the surface is less likely to get dirt and the effective antibacterial treatment.
  • Sizes: 9 different options
  • Material: PVC

Models and Specifications

  • HKS R 7620 | Weight (600g) | Dimension (L69 X H20 X D8.1 cm) 
  • HKS R 7625 | Weight (800g) | Dimension (L67 X H25 X D10.1 cm
  • HKS R 7630 | Weight (900g) | Dimension (L65 X H30 X D12.1 cm
  • HKS R 7635 | Weight (1.2kg) | Dimension (L68 X H35 X D14.1 cm) 
  • HKS R 7640 | Weight (1.5kg) | Dimension (L66 X H40 X D16.1 cm)  
  • HKS R 7645 | Weight (1.8kg) | Dimension (L64 X H45 X D18.1 cm) 
  • HKS R 7650 | Weight (2.3kg) | Dimension (L62 X H50 X D20.6 cm) 
  • HKS R 7655 | Weight (2.3kg) | Dimension (L62 X H55 X D62.0 cm
  • HKS R 7660 | Weight (2.8kg) | Dimension (L62 X H60 X D20.0 cm) 

    Note that all models have an incline angle of 14°.

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Price is inclusive of delivery charges and GST. Extra charges will be incurred if it requires carrying to 1 level or more.

1 year against manufacturing defect.
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