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MStim Drop LGT-233
MStim Drop LGT-233
MStim Drop LGT-233
MStim Drop LGT-233
MStim Drop LGT-233

MStim Drop LGT-233

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MStim Drop LGT-233 is a wearable FES device for treating foot drop caused by MS, stroke, and severe injuries. It applies low-frequency electrical impulses to weak, damaged, or paralyzed muscles to make muscles contract again, which can help patients move again, improve muscle strength and flexibility, and prevent atrophy effectively.

Our FES machine MStim Drop provides the foot with dorsiflexion through electrically stimulating muscles in the affected lower leg, which helps foot drop patients to walk more naturally and live more independently. It comes with two treatment modes – training mode and walking mode.

  • Training mode is the transition from passive training to walking training for patients who are unable to perform active training. This mode can be selected for muscle training while sitting or lying down, to accelerate muscle recovery, slow atrophy of the injured calf, maintain and improve range of motion in the ankle, and enhance local blood circulation.
  • Walking mode refers to electrical stimulation for foot drop while walking to restore neuromotor function. It can help to maintain a normal gait when walking. Stimulation during walking and repeated training will leave traces on the cerebral cortex. At the same time, it will give feedback to the central nervous system and restore brain neuromotor function.

It is applicable for patients suffering foot drop caused by:

  • MS, stroke, spinal cord injury, peripheral neuropathy, and other neurological diseases
  • Injury of tibialis anterior 


Device comes with

  • Foot Drop Brace x1
  • LGT-1200Z F5050M Self-adhesive Electrodes x4 pcs



  • Three modes: Training Mode, Gait Mode, Evaluation Mode
  • Wearable knee brace
  • Can be used by both knees
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection


Models and Specifications

  • Model: GLS LGT-233
  • Weight: 60g (only main unit)
  • Dimension: 59mm (2.3″) W × 59mm (2.3L × 22mm (0.9H

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