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Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle
Reax Fluikettle

Reax Fluikettle

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The kettlebell is one of the most widespread tools for functional training, incredibly versatile for the high number of workouts it can be used.

The Fluikettle is the only one of its kind: in fact, it can be shaken, grabbed, thrown, significantly reducing the risk of damage for people and surfaces. Thanks to these features it can be used in clubs and at home. Unlike a simple cast iron kettlebell, the Fluikettle contains a mixture of solid and fluid matter which turns every workout into a genuine neuromuscular training, much more effective from the metabolic point of view. The special feel and the chromatic feature of the Fluikettle turn the heavy work of the motor activity into a pleasant and harmonic movement. Unlike the traditional cast iron product, the Fluikettle’s special material guarantees comfort during the workout execution because it is soft on the person.

The unpredictability of water turns any exercise into a truly high-intensive neuromuscular training activity.

Reax Fluikettle exploits the patented technology of “Sudden Dynamic Impulse”: for the first time, dynamic instability and loaded movement meet to generate tactile stimulations as well as motor interference during a training activity.

These impulses enhance the movement, forcing the athlete to a much higher muscular activation.


  • Fluid and load inside: The liquid and load destabilize any exercise, creating an unstable environment during each movement.
  • Versatile - The versatility of the Flui Kettle allows the user to create unique workouts for all groups from children to athletes.
  • Soft shock - Due to the soft nature of the Reax Fluikettle it is a one-of-a-kind functional tool. You can throw it, lift it or drop it with no harm to surfaces.
  • Long-lasting - The technology used to make the Reax Fluikettle ensures it is long-lasting, safe, easy to clean, and looks good for longer.

Models and Specifications

  • REAX FLUIKETTLE - 10kg | REAX-RX1302
  • REAX FLUIKETTLE - 12kg | REAX-RX1303
  • REAX FLUIKETTLE - 14kg | REAX-RX1520
  • REAX FLUIKETTLE - 16kg | REAX-RX1455
  • REAX FLUIKETTLE - 20kg | REAX-RX1537
  • REAX FLUIKETTLE - 24kg | REAX-RX1538

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