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Special Care for Pressure Injury 3 Air Mattress

Special Care for Pressure Injury 3 Air Mattress

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Quattro Plus is suitable for all patient types and it has the option of attaching an active seat cushion. The active 1 in 4 cell cycle supports 75% of the patient’s body at all times on groups of three inflated cells, whilst the fourth cell deflates sufficiently to redistribute the pressure and encourage tissue reperfusion. Additional benefits include surface movement and a reduction of stimulus-related complications such as muscle spasm.

The Tissueguard special feature enables the partial immersion and envelopment of the patient into the support surface, reducing the pressure differential between inflated and deflated cells, which helps reduce tissue strain and associated shearing forces. The Deep Cell therapy allows the cells to run at lower internal pressures as this will minimizes the pressure applied to the patient's skin and subcutaneous tissues during the cycle process. 

Ortho-differential support results in firmer outer edges of the mattress which facilitate patient transfers and provide extra support, safety, and comfort for larger or heavier patients. It creates a softer central area of the mattress which is ideal for smaller and lighter patients.

The multi-stretch cover promotes tissue offloading during cell deflation and reduces shear and friction during patient movement or manual repositioning. The material is waterproof, moisture-vapour permeable and all seams are welded to protect the inside of the mattress from fluid ingress. The benefits of cover and the low-air-loss feature helps to manage the skin microclimate between the patient and support surface.  It is fully launderable to help reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination to its lowest practical level.


  • Optional pressure relief seat cushion
  • Active 1-in-4 cell cycle
  • TISSUEGard(TM)
  • Ortho-differential Support( TM)
  • Multi-stretch cover 
  • Microclimate management 
  • Fully launderable 
  • Simply designed interface 
  • Fast, safe and easy manual interventions 
  • Patient Transport Facility 
  • Continuous Low-Pressure mode 
  • Max Inflation 
  • Adjustable Comfort Control



  • Dimension: 1950 X 880 X 180 mm
  • Weight: 9.4kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 200kg
  • Material: PU Coated Stretch Nylon with Anti-bacterial / microbial treated
  • No of cells: 30


  • Dimension: 355 X 233 X 165 mm
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • Alternating cycle time: 16 mins


  • TAL 990122209 Quattro Plus Replacement Air Mattress


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