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Intermediate Care for Pressure Injury Air Mattress

Intermediate Care for Pressure Injury Air Mattress

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The PULSAIR® CHOICE range is designed to bring maximum flexibility of pressure area care to patients in the home care environment. Mix and match the PULSAIR® CHOICE power unit with the mattress replacement for simple, cost-effective stepping up or down of pressure care for patients at all risks of pressure damage. The unique patented TISSUEguard™ air cell design features a pleated surface giving up to 15% additional support area, allowing the patient to immerse into the mattress, virtually eliminating lateral tension in the mattress surface. This results in reduced pressures, shear, and friction, the key contributory factors to tissue damage, and alleviates the need for a dedicated heel zone. 

Air cells feature ortho-differential support (ODSTM) which provides optimum internal cell pressures for varying body weights and shapes, automatically compensating for the patient’s BMI. Narrower in the center than at the outer edge, air cells feature in-built support pressure differential, supporting the smaller, lighter patient on the softer central area of the cell, and the larger, heavier patient on the firmer outer edges, as well as providing a feeling of security for the patient.

AUTO support
 feature automatically adjusts pressure within each of the cells throughout the cycle so that support, posture, and therapy are constantly maintained at optimum levels, in response to patient weight, movement, and position. Equalization of cell pressure automatically takes place at each stage of the cycle, again to ensure precise pressure and therapy is applied. PULSEAIR Choice is suitable for a home care environment.


  • Individually replaceable cells with safety
  • Multifunctional inner cover
  • CPR-function with transport function
  • Unique design for easy handling and usage
  • Welded cover seams
  • Fully automated pump that adapts individually
  • User-friendly interface
  • Audible and visual notifications
  • Two program modes: Alternating and ODS
  • Silent running and vibration-free



  • Dimension: 1950 X 880 X 180mm
  • Weight: 8.0kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 200kg
  • Material: PU coated with stretch Nylon
  • No of cells: 30


  • Dimension: 355 X 233 X 165mm
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • Alternating cycle time: 16 mins

  • TAL 998022259 PulseAir Choice

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