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WellO2 is a breathing exercise device that combines counter pressure exhaling and inhaling and steam breathing. Double body structure ensures even steam formation when using the device and protects user from exposure to hot water.

When using the device, the user adds water to the device, adjusts the appropriate resistance (0 = 20cmH₂O, 1 = 30cmH₂O, 2 = 50cmH₂O, 3 = 100cmH₂O) and steam temperature (• = 45°C, •• = 55°C, ••• = 65°C). Inhalations and exhalations are repeated 10 to 15 times so that the user empties the lungs with steady exhalation to the device and after that inhales warm steam that the device has generated. 

The adjustable steam temperature and breathing resistance provide optimal conditions for respiratory training with the device, regardless of the user's condition. The device can be used daily for maintaining the condition of breathing muscles and airways. Steam breathing leaves a pleasant feeling after the training.

The package includes a nasal mask which allows the user to breathe warm steam directly into the upper airways. 


WellO2 helps to counter pressure inhalations and exhalations and steam breathing helping to:

  • Open airways
  • Strengthen exhalation and inhalation muscles
  • Cleanse mucus from airways
  • Warm steam alleviates airway irritation
  • Warm steam moistens vocal cords
  • Open congested nose with the nasal mask.


1. A double body structure and protection valves in breathing regulator protect the user from exposure to hot water.

The key parts of the device have been made of bisfenol-free Tritan plastic.

3. Mouthpiece and breathing regulator can be detached for cleaning, which you can make easily with running water.

4. The device itself has a cleaning program and a basket which are used to cleanse the interchangeable parts with hot steam.


It comes in a set of

  • WellO2 device
  • Power base
  • Three (3) mouthpieces 
  • Breathing regulator
  • Extension hose
  • Nasal mask
  • Instructions for use 

Other notes

Before using the device, consult your physician if you have:

  • asthma exacerbation
  • acute airway infection with fever
  • any uncleared lung disease
  • late stage of pregnancy
  • serious coronary disease
  • nose bleed
  • recent infarct or pulmonary embolism
  • aneurysm
  • very high blood pressure
  • epilepsy

Do not use your WellO2 device if:

  • you have or suspect to have a pneumothorax
  • eardrum rupture
  • unhealed wounds on facial or thoracic area

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